Image Annotation for Deep Learning

Image annotation for deep learning and other related methods employ a variety of interconnected processing elements that work together: the input layer that receives data, hidden layers that perform computations, and the output layer that outputs results or initiates action.

Bernadette Wilson, on Feb 20, 2020

How to Label Data for Machine Learning

Patterned after human behavior, data scientists teach machine learning models by using a set of inputs in the form of labeled data so they can produce desired outputs.

Bernadette Wilson, on Feb 19, 2020

Neurotypical vs. Neurodivergent: What’s the Difference?

New terminologies have come into common usage to define the differences in how the world is perceived by different people. Two commonly used terms are “neurodivergent” and “neurotypical”.

Leia Weathington, on Feb 18, 2020

7 Tech Companies That Hire Autistic Adults

These enterprises are companies that "get it". They're excellent examples of employers with successful programs for hiring autistic adults.

Bernadette Wilson, on Feb 7, 2020

4 Ways Neurodiversity Gives Your Company a Competitive Advantage

Hiring autistic talent and celebrating neurodiversity can give employers a competitive advantage and have a dramatic impact on their bottom line.

Leia Weathington, on Feb 4, 2020

What the Heck is Data Labeling?

Data labeling, which assigns meaning to data in ways that machine learning technology can understand, is key to creating an effective training data set.

Bernadette Wilson, on Feb 1, 2020

Data Jobs You Should Be Outsourcing

What kind of data jobs should your business outsource? Some tasks you’re going to want to have a guiding hand on, but others can safely be handed off to experts. Let’s dive into your potential options to see how you can clear up your schedule.

Celia Daniels, on Jan 16, 2020

How to Hire Someone With Autism

Hiring someone with autism can require special attention and provisions. Here's a toolkit to better recruit and retain a neurodiverse employee.

Leia Weathington, on Jan 9, 2020

What is Data Annotation & Why Does It Matter?

Compared to just a few years ago, data annotation has grown into a much larger, time-consuming task. As a result, AI development teams are looking for ways to manage data annotation without sacrificing accuracy or quality.

Bernadette Wilson, on Dec 26, 2019

Job Training for Autistic Adults

It can be challenging to implement a program of job training for autistic adults, but ensuring that you have given all of your employees the tools they need to succeed is a critical part of building a successful workforce.

Leia Weathington, on Dec 17, 2019

Autism Interview Tips for Job Seekers

With an understanding of what you are entitled to under the law, and a clear idea of the type of job you’ve applied for, you can secure a satisfying job. Here are five autism interview tips to help give you some extra confidence to nail it.

Leia Weathington, on Dec 5, 2019

5 Careers for People With Autism

Fulfilling careers for people with autism are not as rare as you might think. For those looking for a place to start, consider the following career paths.

Celia Daniels, on Nov 26, 2019

Benefits of Neurodiversity in the Workplace

In addition to adding unique insights and perspectives to your office, neurodiversity in the workplace brings benefits that you may not have previously considered. For a neurodiverse hire, consider the ways they can improve your business.

Celia Daniels, on Nov 20, 2019

Guide to Getting a Job With Autism

Despite years of effort, the US still fails to properly accommodate neurodiverse individuals. Getting a job with autism remains a challenge.

Celia Daniels, on Nov 13, 2019

What Is Neurodiversity & Why Does It Matter?

Understanding an idea like "what is neurodiversity" can help us chip away at the idea of "normal" and allow us to accept ourselves when our neurocognitive functioning makes our lives differ.

Celia Daniels, on Nov 1, 2019


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