For Data-Driven Companies

Daivergent connects companies building AI/Machine Learning products or with complex data needs to a high-quality remote workforce for training set generation, data labeling & enrichment, and image annotations by leveraging the unique aptitude of people with autism for detail-oriented, rigorous work. 


Daivergent’s project managers come from extensive careers in data and technology. We understand your requirements inside and out, and provide the virtual work environments that keep your data secure

Scaling to Requests of
Any Size

Our platform intelligently breaks down your request into smaller tasks, and assigns them to the best individuals. No job is too big or too small, and our autism workforce is standing by to support your company

Workforce and
Data Experts

We source our talent from universities and autism agencies throughout the US, supporting our local communities. As a result, we are able to provided unparalleled responsiveness and referrals for in-person hires

Who We Are

Daivergent is a technology platform that provides human intelligence to support companies developing AI products. These data tasks include tagging images for computer vision, secure data entry, proofreading, text sentiment labeling, and other complex data needs. 

Our platform enables high-potential individuals in the autism community to complete your requests. Our premium workforce can complete tasks up to three times faster and more accurately than our competitors due to their unique aptitude for detail-oriented, rigorous work.

We provide project management services to guarantee maximum accuracy with minimal burden on your time, as well as flexibility and value to our customers across industries. 

Daivergent is the future of work for supporting AI and Data Products.

Daivergent and your company

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