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Daivergent provides a unique opportunity to gain work experience, grow your professional skills, and get connected to like-minded individuals on the spectrum


Earn money and gain work experience based on your schedule. Our state-of-the-art platform provides opportunities tailored to you -- take our screening assessment today!


Develop skills in programming, graphic design, marketing, and more through our video-based curriculums. Earn a new certification or just learn about something new!


Join any of our 15 shared interest groups to meet like-minded individuals that share your passions. Or practice for your next interview with our virtual coaches!

Meet One of Our Data Specialists, Leon

Education: Hunter College, B.S. Computer Science
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Passions: Video Games, Web Design
My Experience at Daivergent
“I’m learning a lot at Daivergent — corporate work etiquette, general expectations, sprint planning. Working here has better prepared me for working in a group and has challenged me to find more efficient methods to find information. I’m proud that I finally got a job and that Daivergent has a great work culture for people like me.”
Dream Future Job
Video Game Designer

Why Daivergent?

  We started this company to promote inclusion of an often over looked and under utilized population by creating the best work readiness program program possible. Our hopes are to raise the employment rate of individuals on the spectrum, by doing so in a way that our data specialists leave with the work experience to thrive in whatever future career they chose.  We believe our model is the most effective as data specialists work remotely, pick their own hours, and develop skills through our trainings that help to form a solid base. This mission is not just business for us, its personal. This company was started by two people who both have family members with autism, who saw all the incredible possibilities for adults on the spectrum in the tech space. 

 If you are interested in recommending someone to apply to become a data specialist, please click  below. 

How to Become a Data Specialist

 To become a data specialist, you must complete the following steps:

1. Register for an account with Daivergent
2. Complete the screening assessment
3. Complete a qualification task
4. Complete the onboarding online

That’s it! Click on the button below to register for an account and get started.