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Daivergent expands the vocational and work readiness services of your organization by providing an online interface for your autism clients to gain work experience, receive vocational training, and improve social/interviewing skills

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Expand Your Vocational Services.
We understand the importance of providing meaningful work readiness to your autism clients. Our programs are built in collaboration with our partners to deliver high-quality experience.


Give Ongoing Training To Your Clients.
Our training curriculums in 21st century skills like computer programming and graphic design allow your autism clients to remain on the cutting-edge of what hiring managers seek.


Work Readiness Partnership.
When you partner with us, you gain access to a 1,000+ strong community across the U.S. and the world. From in-person placements to advice on candidate profiles, we have your back.


Who We Are

Daivergent is a technology platform that provides human intelligence to support companies developing AI products. These data tasks include tagging images, data entry, proofreading, and other complex data needs.

Our platform enables high-potential individuals in the autism community to complete these tasks remotely. We provide the interface that allows your autism clients to take assessments, receive training, and complete tasks.

Daivergent provides unique social and communication training opportunities to help our members pursue future in-person employment opportunities, alongside shared interest groups that help connect the autism community to one another.

How It Works

Daivergent offers access to its innovative platform to non-profit & academic partners in the autism service provider, vocational rehabilitation, and advocacy sectors. Our unique offerings include:

  1. Paid Work Experience - Daivergent provides paid opportunities for members on its remote work platform by completing tasks for corporate customers. We connect new team members to Daivergent online coordinators who help onboard them and answer questions. Members are provided extensive training in project management & organization, team collaboration, and work expectations.
  2. Social & Communication Skills Training - Daivergent provides ongoing education for appropriate office behavior and effective communication. We strive to have our members find gainful, in-person employment, and provide the training to help them achieve that goal.
  3. Dedicated Professional Development - Daivergent has partnered with the world’s largest online learning platform to offer professional development courses in computer programming, graphic design, data analytics, marketing, and other professions. Our personalized curriculums provide 21st century skillsets in technology and business to help members achieve their career aspirations.
  4. Shared Interest Groups - Do your clients love video games? Are they looking to discuss the latest book or learn more about the arts? Daivergent hosts dozens of shared interest groups for our members to meet like-minded peers on the autism spectrum. We promote regular virtual and in-person events that connect the autism community to one another.

Daivergent And Your Organization

We’d love to hear from you about how we can support the work readiness and employment initiatives of your organization.

Typically, we work with organizations with 100+ clients or students on the autism spectrum. Preference is given if your organization performs direct job placements or provides dedicated vocational support.

Daivergent offers complimentary platform licenses for qualifying organizations. Please submit your information below, and someone on our team will reach out immediately. We look forward to partnering with you!