By Celia Daniels, on Jan 16, 2020

Data Jobs You Should Be Outsourcing

Everyone from startup business owners to established industry heads know that time is a business’s most precious commodity. The further you advance in your chosen field, the more you’re going to have to delegate if you’re going to succeed.

Thus comes the need for outsourcing. Businesses that need to save money and time will reach out to third-party services to see necessary functions completed. Fundamentally, this allows leaders and their teams to focus their attention on what they’re good at while the third party gives the assigned task their full attention.

What kind of data jobs, though, should your business outsource? Some tasks you’re going to want to have a guiding hand on, but others can safely be handed off to experts. Let’s dive into your potential options to see how you can clear up your schedule.

Image & Video Annotation

Increasingly, companies of all kinds are finding themselves in need of advanced image and video annotation capabilities, and these tasks are often extremely labor-intensive. Researchers and engineers are making great progress in the realm of automatic and AI-enhanced image tagging, annotation, and indexing, but these solutions are expensive, incomplete, and often very precisely calibrated. This means that most companies that need any substantial amount of image or video annotation will still need humans to achieve accurate results.

Whether you’re trying to build out products that use robust object detection or identify specific human behavior, you’re going to need a lot of people working on the front end to make sure that the data that you’re starting from is processed accurately and quickly. The case for outsourcing here is that this is skilled and often challenging labor, and you are going to want to call in some outside experts until you are big enough to justify bringing on your own team.

Content Moderation

It’s just a fact that having any sort of internet presence requires at least some measure of content moderation and curation unless your online footprint is extremely small. Negative comments, spam, trolls, and other content hazards can seriously damage a company’s reputation and ruin the experience for the customers they’re trying to retain. Though big names in the field are trying to use machine learning to replace human moderators, those solutions are still in their infancy and their shortcomings are well documented.

Having a human set of eyes making sure that the content on your site or platform is appropriate to the context is still critical, and companies that skimp on this element of the customer experience risk becoming prey to bad actors and losing business on account of it. The upside of outsourcing this task is that you don’t need to hire a full-time moderator right off the bat, and can get a head start on protecting your brand.

Data Entry & Analysis

Futurists and tech utopianists have been trumpeting the demise of manual data entry since the days of the first computer, but unfortunately, we still live in the real world, and you can’t yet automate these tasks away. Even where automation is possible, algorithms and machine learning solutions have to be fed data to begin with, meaning that, somewhat ironically, a lot of data entry work still persists in these areas.

You can still bring these jobs in-house, but unless you’re a big accounting firm (or the US Census), it’s unlikely that you’re going to need a full-time data entry specialist or team, making outsourcing an attractive option. Additionally, an outside firm is going to have people who are experienced and skilled with this kind of work, saving you time and money, especially if you are dealing with inconsistent volumes of data.

The Case for Outsourcing Data Jobs

This is just a small sample of the kinds of jobs that are commonly outsourced, and that may come up as you are building and scaling your business. Depending on your industry and the size of your company, you may need help with categorization, transcription, sentiment analysis, data enhancement, and a whole host of other tasks, and these are also good candidates for outsourcing.

Outsourcing, especially for tasks that are time-consuming, require specific skills, are seasonal or inconsistent in volume, is one of the best ways a business of any size can save money. By reaching out to a third party, your business will be able to receive the data assistance it needs without the stress or resource misuse. Why not consider branching out, then? You may find that an independent eye is just the thing that your business need

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