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1 in 5 adults in the United States lives with a disability or cognitive difference.

And that shouldn’t hold anyone back. Everyone, regardless of ability, deserves to live a life of purpose and dignity — at home, at work, and among friends.

Daivergent is transforming the 21st century workforce — and how we think about disability.

The Daivergent learning platform is among the first of its kind to unlock the unique aptitude of people living with neurodivergence and disability.

Our platform enables regular, face-to-face meetings with qualified coaches and instructors, coupled with the largest curated library of learning content tailored for the disability community.

You can find peace of mind with personalized training plans, defined goals and objectives, up-to-the-minute goal progress tracking, and facilitated social interactions with peers online.

With our job readiness training and personal coaching, we’ve helped thousands of transition-age young adults move forward on their journeys to personal and professional success.

Watch the story behind Daivergent.

Freethink: “Can People with Autism Help Create Next-Generation AI?” Watch on YouTube

We are siblings, cousins, parents, and self-advocates.

Daivergent was founded in 2017 as a Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to preparing neurodivergent job-seekers and transition-aged adults with disabilities for today’s economy.

Since then, we’ve built a neurodiverse management team that understands the issues at the heart of the disability community. As we prepare young adults for a brighter future, we’re also taking the opportunity to challenge biases and change societal perceptions of an overlooked but highly capable community.

We hope you will join us and become a champion for neurodiversity.

Meet our co-founders.

Byran DaiCEO & Co-FounderSibling
Rahul MahidaCTO & Co-FounderCousin

Our Partners

Daivergent REACH Coaching

Join Daivergent REACH today for life skills, work skills, and social skills training.

REACH provides goal-setting and individualized training sessions with a dedicated coach on the Daivergent platform.

  • Focused sessions with a trained Daivergent coach

  • Personalized plans to achieve measurable objectives

  • Progress reports to family, caregivers, or advocates

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