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Becoming independent at home and successful at work is a lifelong learning journey. Make it with us.

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Find peace of mind with Daivergent.

Our online learning platform helps adults living with disabilities gain new skills to succeed at home, work, and life.


See how Daivergent has helped families across the United States.

We know parents and caregivers face an uncertain future.

What happens when you’re gone? How can you ensure that your adult child with disabilities is prepared for the road ahead?

Knowing where and how to start is often the hardest part.

Our subscription service trains teens and adults for independent living, and creates a lifelong plan to maximize potential.

Navigating insured services can be daunting.

In Arizona and Texas, we deliver high-quality online instruction and employment services — fully covered by insurance. And we're expanding into new states!

It’s easy to get lost or forgotten inside the system.

Our trained instructors and coaches stay with you to build rapport and maintain accountability.

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Byran Dai knew that by 22, his brother would phase out of the services and education provided by the state. “In the autism community, we call that ‘falling off the cliff,’” Mr. Dai said. “It’s what a lot of families are worried about.”

— New York Times

How can we make sure that when our loved ones turn 21, or who are already adults — how do we make sure that they don’t just stagnate or stay removed from the 21st century economy?

— CEO Byran Dai, CNET

The biggest misconception about the autism community is that it's a monolith, that it's a community in which there are no social skills. This is unbelievably frustrating for someone who has the potential and yet is not getting the opportunity.

— Freethink

Daivergent REACH Coaching

Join Daivergent REACH today for life skills, work skills, and social skills training.

REACH provides goal-setting and individualized training sessions with a dedicated coach on the Daivergent platform.

  • Focused sessions with a trained Daivergent coach

  • Personalized plans to achieve measurable objectives

  • Progress reports to family, caregivers, or advocates

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