Daivergent enables companies to source from a worldwide talent pool of vetted job candidates on the autism spectrum

One-Click Access to Autism Talent

Daivergent integrates into popular HR software like SAP SuccessFactors and Fieldglass to allow talent organizations seamless access to this neurodiverse population. We also allow you to reach candidates directly for the time through the Daivergent Employer Platform.


Intelligent Matching to Your Job Requirements

Our platform uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to assess candidates for their aptitude areas and match the best-suited individuals to your roles. We automagically parse your job descriptions into machine-readable text that can be used to connect top neurodiverse talent to your hiring managers instantly.


Dedicated Partners in your Community

Daivergent sources from universities, autism organizations, government agencies, and family groups to bring high-potential talent to your company. We have built a global talent pool that is unparalleled, and partner with leading service providers in your community to ensure that you have personalized, ongoing support -- from sourcing to hire.


Flexibility and Scale

Our talent pool can satisfy any role requirements, from remote contigent labor to permanent in-person employees. We carefully screen our autism talent pool for their preferences, ensuring that every match is setup for success. Whether it's 1 candidate or 1,000 candidates, Daivergent has the reach to meet any need.


Daivergent And Your Company