skills training

Unlock your potential with hands-on training.

Look for work. Live on your own. Find friends. Make these goals your new reality with Daivergent skills training.

Daivergent’s online learning platform combines mentorship with practical coursework.

At Daivergent, you work with a trained and dedicated member of our coaching or instruction staff to create a personalized learning plan with achievable, measurable goals.

We stay with you along your learning journey, helping you conquer new territory in one (or more!) of the areas essential to success and independence:

  • Vocational skills

  • Life skill

  • Social skills.

Daivergent motivates you to stay on track with learning plans tailored to your aspirations.

Our proprietary learning platform provides a host of features designed to keep you focused on achieving your goals.

  • Live Sessions

    A dedicated expert coach or instructor provides live, face-to-face video sessions.

  • Individualization

    Personalized training programs set realistic goals with defined course plans.

  • 24/7 Course Library

    Our ever-expanding course catalog helps you acquire new skills for lifelong learning.

  • Social Connections

    Discover daily online social groups, moderated by trained facilitators.

  • Goal Tracking

    Real-time tracking marks progress on course completion and goal achievement.

  • Job Support

    Job mentorship helps you set goals, achieve milestones, and prepare for work.


See how Daivergent has helped families across the United States.

Daivergent REACH Coaching

Join Daivergent REACH today for life skills, work skills, and social skills training.

If you live outside of Arizona or Texas, take advantage of our subscription-based coaching service. REACH provides individualized training sessions with a dedicated Virtual Support Professional on the Daivergent platform.

  • Focused sessions with a trained Daivergent coach

  • Personalized plans to achieve measurable objectives

  • Progress reports to family, caregivers, or advocates

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