Daivergent REACH Coaching

REACH towards a life of independence.

New skills acquired? Check. Goals achieved? Double check. Peace of mind? On the house.

Daivergent REACH Coaching

Take control of your future with Daivergent REACH Coaching.

Are you hoping to get a job? Learn to live more independently? Find new friends? Whether it’s one or all of these, Daivergent REACH Coaching helps you realize your fullest potential in home, work, and social settings.

Our innovative platform has helped thousands of transition-age adults acquire new skills to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Start your 30-day free trial and see if Daivergent is a fit for you.

Available to families and individuals as a monthly pay-as-you-go subscription service, Daivergent REACH Coaching delivers one-on-one mentorship and a host of built-in platform features.

  • Live Sessions

    Your matched Daivergent REACH coach provides weekly face-to-face video mentoring.

  • Individualization

    Personalized training programs set realistic, achievable goals based on your pace.

  • 24/7 Course Library

    Our always-expanding course catalog helps you acquire new skills for lifelong learning.

  • Social Connections

    Discover daily online social groups, moderated by our trained facilitators.

  • Goal Tracking

    Real-time reporting of your progress helps you advance on your goals and stay focused on what's next.

  • Relationship Building

    You’ll form a strong connection with your coach, and have fun along the way!


See how Daivergent has helped families across the United States.

Getting a set time slot on a weekly basis and making that routine is super important.

— Doug M.

Parent of a neurodiverse adult

With you guys, I know somebody is trying to keep my kids on task — with consistency, by talking to them every week.

— Pascale L.

Parent of neurodiverse adults

He does seem to be more outspoken. He’s progressing, and that’s what we need for his current job search.

— Marshall S.

Parent of a neurodiverse adult

Thinking about the next steps and the next goals has been a really good experience.

— Janice H.

Parent of a neurodiverse adult

I see a change in him in just the short amount of time he’s been with Daivergent. I know it sounds weird but he does enjoy the goals.

— Patty N.

Parent of a neurodiverse adult

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