Vocational Rehabilitation

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Daivergent Vocational Rehabilitation offers group and 1:1 career exploration, job skills training, and placement services at no charge to enrolled families.

Daivergent Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)

Get back to work with Daivergent job readiness training, available through your state’s VR program.

Ready to work? Need help finding and holding onto a job? Daivergent is now a service provider available through the Vocational Rehabilitation programs in Arizona and Texas. Daivergent can help with social skills development, job placement, job training, and much more.

With our online learning platform and dedicated pool of highly trained instructors, we provide adults living with physical or cognitive disability with the skills, tools, and support that they need to enter the workforce and maintain employment.

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Our instructors ensure positive outcomes by staying with you, every step of the way.

With backgrounds in special education, occupational therapy, and counseling, Daivergent’s instructors work with you to develop a realistic learning plan suited to your skill level. Achieve your employment goals with hundreds of instructor-led courses designed to let you practice real-life skills for working effectively, living independently, and making lasting social connections.

Whether you’re reentering the workforce or exploring job options for the first time, Daivergent Vocational Rehabilitation delivers personalized, one-on-one instruction and a host of built-in program features.

  • Insurance Support

    We help you apply for VR and file paperwork to continue receiving program benefits.

  • Regular Sessions

    Hands-on, practical learning delivered via live video sessions keeps you on track.

  • Individualization

    Personalized training programs set realistic, achievable employment goals.

  • 24/7 Course Library

    Our ever-expanding course catalog helps you acquire new skills for work and life.

  • Social Connections

    Discover daily online social groups and a job club, moderated by our trained facilitators.

  • Job Listings

    Access our database for available job opportunities that match your interests and skills.


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